Submit PSV Permit to Receive Access and Incentives to all Grab Driver App features

Since the Ministry of Transport has enabled all e-hailing drivers that have passed the PSV examination to keep on driving until the end of 2019, we would like to provide those driver-partners more time to make it through the whole regulatory procedure.

Therefore, rather than locking the account (can not receive reservations on Grab) of all driver-partners not having submitted their PSV permit, we’ll be introducing a few upgrades to this incentive and program attributes qualification.

*Incentives made from two Dec 2019 before the confirmation date will be sacrificed.

In addition to this, when you publish early (by 31 Dec 2019) you may get RM100 money reimbursement for PSV coaching and RM50 bonus.


What’s Grab doing so?

We’d love to provide our driver-partners that are going through the procedure adequate time to acquire the PSV and notify us when they’ve received it.

Is Grab taking away driver incentives?

Yes, we’re not giving incentives for driver-partners not having completed the regulatory procedures. As a consequence, that you wouldn’t have the ability to observe the time boosters on your own work card, and won’t get payment for incentive approaches from the incentives part of this program. Not to worry, when you finish your regulatory procedure and submit the necessary records to us, you’ll be qualified for commissions again.

When will I be eligible for incentives and app features once I submit my PSV licence?

You’ll be qualified for incentives and program features again in about 10-14 working days after you have filed the necessary documents.

What if my account was locked out before 16 Nov 2019?

Regrettably, your account will remain locked until you submit your PSV permit to us.