Dapatkan Lesen PSV Berharga RM80 Sahaja

Maklumat lanjut tentang GrabBenefits di sini.

Maklumat lanjut tentang PSV di sini.

Register within 2 easy step

Step 1: Complete the form in this website.
Step 2: Once you are activated as a friend, sign in using a registered email with Grab it as a username and password.

Terms & Condition

  1. All new driver are eligible to receive this bonus.
  2. The Bonus is available in all of Grab operating towns.
  3. The drivers must complete all conditions of the rules to be activated.
  4. The drivers need to comply with the rules to activate.
  5. E-hailing insurance costs are not included in the refund. However, we have launched a daily E-hailing insurance Grab, an innovative and flexible product where you only have to pay insurance IF you are online. This will ensure you are covered for 24 hours at the time you start driving.
  6. Refunds will be provided for the following costs:

    – PSV Training fee (up to RM100)
    – PSV Licence registration (RM20)
    – PUSPAKOM First Examination (RM70)
    – The EVP application to be made on behalf of the drivers (RM110)

  7. Health screening is free if it is done at Grab Driver Centre. You can also do it at the selected clinics by Grab it at a cost of RM20.
  8. This credit cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to your bank account.
  9. Grab has the right to vary the terms and conditions without assigning any notice.


Via Online


No need to go to HQ/kiosk




Complete 'D' License. ("P" is not accepted


Between 21 to 69 years old only


Sedan 4 doors and manufactured 2014 and above.


Speeding ticket is not more than 3 years. No criminal records.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you to become Grab Driver! Don’t wait. Register now while it still free + before PSV become compulsory!

Grab Drivers' Story

They are also just like you in the beginning. Not knowing what is their potential income. Anxious to drive on the first day. 

Finally, they are excited and enjoyable to drive and providing best services to all Malaysian.

The most important is they can provide food for their family and helping their partner building happy family.

3 Langkah Pendaftaran

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will need to have a Malaysian IC with a valid (full) driving license in order to qualify. Your car also needs to be in a good condition, preferably 6 years or newer. Check if your car is eligible here.

You can drive anytime you wanted to. There’s not limit how long you have to drive. Its up to you. You are your own boss!

If you are driving part-time, usually you can get between RM500-RM2000 per month.

If you are driving full-time, you can earn between RM3000-RM8000

It’s all depends on your knowledge and strategy that we will share with you once you signed up with us!

Absolutely. You will be added into WhatsApp group. We will train you via online.

You also can meet us face-to-face so you will understand the strategy to earn the income faster.

For existing GrabCar drivers, feel free to find out more here or contact us at Help Centre

Please visit the Help Centre for all general enquiries or call our working days 24 hour support line at 1300 80 6688.

Grab New Driver Registration

Telephone No011-5050 3535

Office Hour: 

Monday – Friday : 9 AM – 5 PM 

Saturday : 9 AM – 1 PM

Sunday : CLOSED